About me

As time goes by I realize that the present moment is really that: a present, a gift.

Good things of past, treasures to remember. The downside, to learn.

We are knitting our future from the present moment.

That’s why I try to enjoy every moment with whoever is with me just then, enjoying everything I do, I see, I smell, I feel…and being grateful for it.

What a pleasure going back home, when day is over, just to be a mother, a wife, a daughter…or just ourselves, again!

To that place, called HOME, where we can hug and play with our beloved, where we can relax and feel good, where we can dream what we dare to dream and encourage us to make that dreams come true.

I want to help you feeling that way at home, so I create my quilts and kimonos thinking of you.

And I search for inspiration and try to design those whims that make you and your beloved smile.

They are useful and pretty objects,

… full of colour to cheer you up;
… they are soft, to caress you;
… they are unique, because they are made one by one.

That is why I keep on learning, finding inspiration for new ideas, new styles…and what is most important, I’m still enjoying a lot the whole process.
My name is Clara and I will be very pleased to attend you, so you can make that really special gift.
Be happy. Today. You can.

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  1. Alberto (Bilbao)

    He encargado varios kimonos y un quilt en La Reina Mora y me gustaría destacar la gran implicación de Clara en cada uno de los proyectos que se le solicitan, algo que no es nada común. Realmente es una gozada trabajar con ella, es super perfeccionista y siempre tiene nuevas ideas que ofrecerte. Muchas gracias!


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