The Shop

In this shop you can buy patchwork quilts, kimonos and special gifts, made by hand with 100% cotton fabrics.

Quilts are made by order, with colors and measures decided by you.

You can choose a kimono from the shop or you may order yours if you don’t find one you like.

There are knee length or short kimonos, for women or men, in two sizes: M or L.

Towel sets are made of a shower (140×70 cm) and toilet (100×50 cm). But you can personalize the set by ordering double ones, guest towel…

Whims also can be made especially for you or the one you are thinking of.

And you can combine some of the products for made a wedding gift, with a queen or king size quilt, pillow cases and a double set of towels decorated with fabrics from the quilt. Or a baby shower gift, with a little quilt and a pair of booties.

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